I’m Cameron McGuffie, a Software Developer based in Brisbane, Australia. I was a lucky participant in the first Australian Defence Force Cyber Gap Program, which helped me to complete my first University degree at Charles Sturt University, a Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security.

Software Development

I am a generalist software developer who has worked across many different roles and, as such, has obtained varying levels of skill in various technologies.

WordPress is something that I use a lot in my side business. I use it to create websites for my customers. When making a website, I have previously used my custom-built code, but recently I have moved to Oxygen Builder as it is easier and quicker to get a website up and running.

Some notable frameworks that I have varying skills with are listed below.

  • React
  • Angular
  • NodeJS

I have used these frameworks throughout my career and find that I change context to suit the role or project I am working on. As well as these frameworks, I have varying skills in the following languages.

  • C#
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby


I started my career as an IT Administrator, working at St Anthony’s Catholic College in Townsville, Australia. Working as an IT Administrator created a serious foundation for my technical career as it taught me how data transits a network and how to manage various server technologies. My role included the administration of both Windows and Linux-based servers and configuring and maintaining network switches.

Later in my career, I was employed as a communications technician which helped me better understand how the physical world meets the digital world regarding networking. Although this was hard physical work, it was highly beneficial to my career as an IT professional.

Cyber Security

There is no doubt that Cyber Security is everyone’s concern. The pandemic has seen a massive uptick in the number of people working from home, which has opened up a variety of vulnerabilities for consumers and businesses alike.

My career uniquely positioned me to diagnose, rectify, and prepare for various security concerns. Having this career led me to my interest in the ADF Cyber Gap Year program and the completion of my Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security.

I have a wide range of experience and interest in Cyber Security. I am a strong proponent that everyone should take security seriously, no matter what role they are in or how low they perceive the impact that a threat may have on them.